Language Barrier in America


Throughout the course of advanced electronic journalism talking about New Americans has really got me thinking about what they are and how they live among us. Through a lot of thinking it seems that it is quite difficult for them for them to adjust to our customs. Learning something like a new language is quite difficult. There are so many New Americans living here in the United States and so many of them have a great amount of difficulties fitting in with everybody else. Many of them try to fit in and adjust to what life is like in the United States, but so many of them have a very difficult time doing that. Some things have to be done in order to make them feel more welcome.

Many New Americans leave wherever they are from and come to The United States in search of a better life. New Americans come to from all over the world. Some of them even come from as close as our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico. The situations sometimes become problematic. There are many situations when New Americans come to The United States and have no idea how to speak the language or what the customs are like. As someone with a small learning disability I have come to understand how difficult it cans be for people to learn things.

According to it says there is a high level of violence in Juarez Mexico. Due to the high level of violence many families are moving to El Paso, Texas which is right over the Mexican border in order to get away. Granted these people come to The United States in hopes of possibly having a better life. One of the main problems is language barrier. The problem very often comes u when immigrants come to The United States and it is a big problem especially for children. From a little bit of experience with this kind of thing was in high school there were a handful of student who didn’t speak English very well and it seemed like they just couldn’t fit in no matter how hard they tried. Most people feel terrible for those students and there was nothing that could be done. Being one of those kids that had a hard time fitting in I could kind of relate to those students and I felt they had it much tougher than me.

There are many reasons why New Americans don’t learn a new language. Some of the reasons for them not learning a new language are things like not enough time, not knowing a good method, it’s expensive, it’s difficult, they don’t see a need, they get distracted by other things or there are many other possible reasons. English seems to be one of the hardest languages to learn and with it being so difficult it takes a lot of time and that is something most people don’t have a lot of. Knowing the right method is a good thing to know when trying to accomplish a task. There are many different kinds of methods a person could use, but each of them may work a little bit different than the other and may not be quite as effective as some methods are. It does seem there many people see no need in learning a new language. Learning another language can really benefit people especially if you are in a part of the country where there is a high population   of people who speak another language. Getting distracted by other things seems to be a reason why people can’t learn another language. Possible things people can get distracted y are things like family, work, and school. New Americans who are adults get distracted with things like raising their family, working, cooking, cleaning and many other things. Some adult New Americans still attend school trying to get a better job to get a better life for their family. Life tends to throw people curveballs. One of the last reasons it is hard to learn a new language is because it is expensive. One of the Programs called Rosetta Stone is and internet program that people can use to help them learn a new language. The problem with the cost is it can cost hundreds of dollars. A New American coming to the United States definitely will not have the money for the Rosetta Stone Program. It is a decent way of learning a new language, but what a person can learn is limited.






One of the cases featuring New Americans that is a little more local is happening in Erie Pennsylvania at one of the high schools. According to East High Schools web page there are 900 students in the high school and around 300 of them are English language learners. I did and internship that took place at East High School and in the main entrance there were maps of many of the countries around the world. I was always curious as to why all of those maps were there and I would later learn that.






New Americans not knowing English seems to be one of top problems. Language barrier is definitely a problem. It is even seen today among some professional athletes that come from other countries who need a translator to help them speak English in their interviews because they have a difficult time trying to speak or they just can’t do it.

Somehow someway New Americans are going to have to try and make the best of what they can with the language they speak. Coming to The United states is challenging. Best of luck to all New Americans in The United States.




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