A New Hope



Where am I from? You might never know.

Overseas lays my heart, but yet here I must grow.

I can’t bear to remain in this place, yet I’m told for a living, this country has grace.

Will I thrive through the difference or create some resistance?

Will I try to fit in or will I die from within?

Because living so different, here, is a sin.

I can’t live on my own, I need help from loved ones.

But when I’m so far from my home…where are my loved ones?

I’ve heard from my family that there’s places that help.

But how can I go when I’m not feeling myself?

And by “myself,” I mean someone who’s “cool.”

Because we all know if you’re not popular, you’re a fool.


My language is different, I don’t speak the same.

All the other kids in my grade, they whisper, say “she’s lame.”

I just want to be free, to have friends on my side.

But I can’t be me.  I have to hide.

“You never feel at peace as a refugee,” someone named Aidid said.

And it’s true, I can’t feel like I’m “meant to be,” when everyone is turning their heads.

I’m different, I know, but I want to fit in.

I want to compete in sports, I want to win.

But my language is different and people can’t translate.

So I guess my aspirations will have to wait.


But I heard of a place, where I think I can be.

It’s called USCRI Erie.

“We open doors for uprooted people,”

That’s what they say to me.

Perhaps once I get involved with this place, I might possibly feel…free?

I want to make friends, I want to be myself.

And perhaps these people won’t leave me behind on the shelf,

Like an old ragdoll that is missing an eye, or a mouse that has clearly long ago died.

My hopes are raised, and I want to try something new.

If this all works out, maybe I’ll fit in, too.

“We help people get back on their feet and establish new roots.”

This beautiful place also told me this, and I’m desperately hoping it’s true.

I was greeted post haste with arms wide open, I’ve never felt so at home.

I finally feet safe, and my heart is now warming, I don’t feel like I am alone.

They are helping me find my talents and skills, as I listen and learn new things.

Now I’m jumping for joy and I’m finally thrilled because I can be who I’m meant to be.

Now all that there is left to say is thank you for helping me see,

That my purpose is here, and I know this now. Thank you USCRI Erie.


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