Living “The Dream”


Born in Nigeria, Africa, and third child of six children.  His last name means “surpassing wealth,” and his career would agree.  Hakeem Olajuwon grew up in a small neighborhood with a close family.  “They taught us to be honest, work hard, respect our elders, and believe in ourselves,” said Olajuwon.

It’s not often you meet someone over six feet tall, but Hakeem clocks in at a towering seven feet tall.  This would give him an amazing advantage in his career, and would also help him earn his nickname: “The Dream.”     Continue reading

A New Hope



Where am I from? You might never know.

Overseas lays my heart, but yet here I must grow.

I can’t bear to remain in this place, yet I’m told for a living, this country has grace.

Will I thrive through the difference or create some resistance?

Will I try to fit in or will I die from within?

Because living so different, here, is a sin.

I can’t live on my own, I need help from loved ones.

But when I’m so far from my home…where are my loved ones?

I’ve heard from my family that there’s places that help.

But how can I go when I’m not feeling myself?

And by “myself,” I mean someone who’s “cool.”

Because we all know if you’re not popular, you’re a fool. Continue reading

English: The Only Language That Matters


“Pardon me?”  “What was that?”  “Please repeat yourself, I cannot understand you.”  Imagine hearing these phrases upon your arrival in a new and strange country.  Not only once or twice, but repeatedly.  Imagine being put in an emergency situation attempting to contact the proper authorities, but the phone operator cannot understand you.  And no matter how hard you try to explain the situation to the person on the other line, your frantic request for help isn’t met.  Continue reading