Coming to the U.S.A by Taylor Buffington

Many New Americans leave wherever it is they are from and come to the United States in search of a better life. New Americans come to the United States from all over the world. Some of them even come from as close as our neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico. There are some situations when New Americans come to the United States and they have no idea how to speak the language or what our customs are like. As someone with a small learning disability I have learned that learning some things can be rather difficult. I can only imagine how these New Americans feel trying to learn all kinds of new customs.

According to, there is a high level of violence in Juarez Mexico. Due to that high level of violence many families are moving to El Paso, Texas which is right over the Mexican border in order to get away. Granted these people come to the United States in hopes of possibly having a better life. When an immigrant comes to the United States they can’t speak English and therefore can’t communicate with others at all. In many schools around the country there are students who don’t speak English very well and it seems as though they just can’t fit in no matter how hard they try. Many people would feel terrible for those kids because there is nothing that can be done to fix those kind of problems. However, there are students and teachers who really want to help those students.

English is quite possibly one of the hardest languages to learn it can take a lot of time to learn it. Knowing the right method is a good thing to know when trying to accomplish a task. There are many different kinds of methods a person could use. Some New American adults still attend school to try to get a better job and a better life for their family. Life tends to throw people curveballs quite a bit. It can be assumed that these New Americans do get quite distracted by certain things. One of the last reasons for it being so hard to learn a new language is because it is very expensive to learn. Taking classes can cost a lot of money. The Rosetta Stone program which is another way of learning a new language which can be quite expensive. It cost $399. The Rosetta Stone is a decent way of learning a new language, but it seems with it there are very limited options of what you can learn. There are many reasons for why New Americans are not able to learn English.


One case featuring New Americans that is a little more local is happening in Erie Pennsylvania at one of the high schools. According to the East High School web site, there are 900 students in the high school and close to 300 of those students are English language learners. Last semester I did an internship that took place at east high school. In the main entrance they had maps of many countries from around the world. I was curious as to why all of those maps were there. Later I learned east high has a very diverse group of students.

New Americans lack of English seems to be one of the top problems. Language barrier is definitely a problem. It is even seen today among some of the professional athletes that come from other countries who need a translator to help them speak English in there interviews because they have a difficult time trying to speak or they just can’t do it.

The Erie public school systems offer some programs to help English language learners. This is a good way of learning. The main goal of the English language learners program is to help the students be successful in an English speaking environment. The students are provided an instructor to help develop skills in things like mathematics, science, speaking, reading and listening.

Some of the people to talk to in this scenario about the schools are the people who work in the Erie school systems. Some of the things to ask them about are the kinds of programs that are available for the students who are English Language Learners.

Somehow someway New Americans are going to have try to make the best of what they can with the language they speak. Coming here to The United States is quite challenging. I wish for the best in all of the New Americans in the United States.

Being a New American has a lot of challenges just like everything else in life. Coming to a world where everything is unfamiliar is quite the challenge for any human being on the planet. Many of the New Americans don’t come to The United States by choice. Hopefully there are some ways in the future to help make coming to The United States easier and better.


Welcoming Migrants with Open (Fire)arms


The constant thought of potentially being murdered is not something most Americans think about. But beyond our borders, this paranoia runs through the minds of many. Imagine living in a city where there is a chance of being disintegrated by bombs while shopping at your local market. By the way, these bombs are bring supplied from the United States military, and the people responsible live in the country right next to you.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a citizen living south of our border who constantly lives in fear from local cartel gangs. These cartel gangs specialize in brutal killings and recently directed their anger towards authorities. Groups of police officers are being ambushed by thugs with machine guns and police helicopters are swatted out of the sky like gnats.

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Education for New Americans

There are many new Americans in the city of Erie. What differs from person to person is how they adapt to coming from a different country to the United States. It differs because of home life and education. Some people have more education and opportunities than others, which is a problem when discussing new Americans.

Sai works at Sam’s Club. Her and her family are new Americans who have been living in the U.S. for about nine years. Education is key in every aspect of life. It starts with language barriers that new Americans potentially face. However, Sai claimed that the language was not a big barrier at all. Essentially, you could put the blame on their education system back home. She said that there was no language barrier due to the fact that her and her family studied English in India. Sai was very adamant on saying that education and profession made it much, much easier to adapt to life here in the states.  Continue reading

Employment America

By Marlenna Godfrey


There are the basic needs that the refugees receive they are financial assistance for housing, healthcare, and clothing and food. There is not enough assistance to be able to afford everything they need to live with. Around the United States the situation is different for each state and there are different conditions that are taken into consideration. In San Diego housing is very expensive. Finding a job is difficult because the new Americans have to learn enough English to be able to get a job.  According to Cruz, Job Placement Coordinator, the number of refugees living in America are mostly composed of women and children, most of the husbands are killed and aren’t able to qualify to relocate. Continue reading

The Business of Immigrants

struggle 4

s v eWhat is the difference between someone who has lived in privilege and someone who has borne great suffering? Philosophers have decried entitlement and have warned of its slippery slope toward oblivion. People celebrate the fortitude of the one who overcomes in movies, books and the stories they like on Facebook. The message spoken by Tan Le in the video below illuminates the prevailing heart of those who have lost everything and become determined to reach beyond the stereotypes of their new neighbors. Tan Le inspires the watcher to refuse to accept anything but excellence and to open up the heart to the possibilities of exploration in a life journey toward destiny.

Tan Le: My Immigration Story

Tan Le is a co-founder and the CEO of Emotiv. From Emotiv’s site, one can discover that “EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG). Our mission is to empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally.”

Le may be the CEO of a successful technology company, but her beginnings could not have revealed the truth of her present situation. Along with her grandmother, mother, and little sister, Le escaped Vietnam at the age of four. Their journey led them to Australia as Asian immigrants.

She described poverty and lack. She explained racism and isolation. These issues didn’t deter her.

Emotiv Insight Product Sheet 2014Emotiv Insight Product Sheet

Le discovered education, and she proved her ability. She decided to succeed and became an influence on the culture of Australia. Her story continues to prove that a person is never completely without as long as he or she refuses to accept defeat and does whatever it takes to win.

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Emotiv EPOC Specifications 2014Emotiv EPOC Specifications

Suffering produces in some the ability to conquer no matter what the odds.

Entitlement produces in some the concept that “what we have is ours and we don’t have to share.” This ultimately leads to reduced productivity, laziness, and difficult seasons of winter where the grasshopper starves while the ant enjoys the success of its community.

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Le’s story is just one example of foreign-born innovation. Regardless of location of birth, anyone has the potential to add value to the world. Those who have always had everything may not understand what it is like to lose it all. Those who have lost it all may develop the drive and have the tenacity to do whatever it takes to contribute in their communities. Le’s story, even though it originates in Vietnam and Australia, is a peephole into the truth of what is happening on the landscape of American business.

Written by wertzgroup, aka Alan Soltys.


The Ultimate Labor of Love: The Hard Traveled Road to America

By Ed Auerbeck 

A common theme penetrated into the American mind, especially in that of the native-born worker concerning immigrants coming into this country for a more stable economic opportunity sometimes is: they’re coming to take our jobs.” While those that hold the opposition viewpoint might contend: “they’re doing the jobs most Americans won’t do.” But like so many other aspects of society and life, few debate’s can be broken down so easily into a catagorey of clear cut black and white, right and wrong.
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From Student to Victim

A walk home from school turns dark for a group of young Asian American students in October of 2009. What once was a mundane trek back home after a day of class, becomes a nightmare with traumatic long term effects. After a stressful day at school attempting to dodge the racially driven verbal and physical punches from their peers, 15-year-old Yang Dang, her sister and eight friends were attacked on their walk home from school in Philadelphia, Pa. Around 10 African American students who spent the day taunting and harassing these students followed them home after school and assaulted them. Multiple students ended up in the emergency room, some requiring surgery that would alter their lives forever.  Continue reading

Cultures Combined

“My first year and a half in America was a rollercoaster ride,” said Senada Alihodzic, who is now an American citizen. With help from the United States government, Alihodzic started a new life in Erie, Pennsylvania after she fled her war-ravaged Mediterranean hometown in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1993 and sought asylum on American soil. She arrived in this country without any knowledge of the area and unable to speak English, unable to communicate with anyone around her, unable to understand anyone trying to communicate with her. Alihodzic experienced a natural phenomenon of the human mind known as culture shock. Continue reading

English: The Only Language That Matters


“Pardon me?”  “What was that?”  “Please repeat yourself, I cannot understand you.”  Imagine hearing these phrases upon your arrival in a new and strange country.  Not only once or twice, but repeatedly.  Imagine being put in an emergency situation attempting to contact the proper authorities, but the phone operator cannot understand you.  And no matter how hard you try to explain the situation to the person on the other line, your frantic request for help isn’t met.  Continue reading

Finding a home

By: Tracy Geibel

Home.  It’s the one place where you can relax.  It’s the place you look forward to going at the end of a long day.

Now imagine you didn’t have your home, your safe haven.

People come to the United States for a variety of reasons, but in 2015, nearly 70,000 people moved to America to find a new home, one located thousands of miles from their native land.  They didn’t come because they wanted to, but rather because they had no choice to stay in their home country.

These people are refugees.  Continue reading