Literacy Green Bay

When taking a look back, the problem that these new Americans face, according to the statistics shown, is they are not getting the proper education needed. Whether that is due to dropping out of school, bad teaching habits, or just not getting the right education from their homeland, it is very apparent that something has to be changed. One thing pointed out was the fact that the teachers had to have a really good understanding of how to teach new Americans the curriculum in a way that would be understood. However, this cannot necessarily be the full answer to the problem because every teacher has a different teaching style and approach in the classroom. When these students are having a difficult time in school, they resort to dropping out. Even after dropping out, they still need to have ways to get properly educated for life outside of the classroom, especially if they need to learn English.  Continue reading

Education for New Americans

There are many new Americans in the city of Erie. What differs from person to person is how they adapt to coming from a different country to the United States. It differs because of home life and education. Some people have more education and opportunities than others, which is a problem when discussing new Americans.

Sai works at Sam’s Club. Her and her family are new Americans who have been living in the U.S. for about nine years. Education is key in every aspect of life. It starts with language barriers that new Americans potentially face. However, Sai claimed that the language was not a big barrier at all. Essentially, you could put the blame on their education system back home. She said that there was no language barrier due to the fact that her and her family studied English in India. Sai was very adamant on saying that education and profession made it much, much easier to adapt to life here in the states.  Continue reading

From Student to Victim

A walk home from school turns dark for a group of young Asian American students in October of 2009. What once was a mundane trek back home after a day of class, becomes a nightmare with traumatic long term effects. After a stressful day at school attempting to dodge the racially driven verbal and physical punches from their peers, 15-year-old Yang Dang, her sister and eight friends were attacked on their walk home from school in Philadelphia, Pa. Around 10 African American students who spent the day taunting and harassing these students followed them home after school and assaulted them. Multiple students ended up in the emergency room, some requiring surgery that would alter their lives forever.  Continue reading