The Project

Our Assimilation Nation:

Can you imagine being forced to gather your belongings and flee your home community to a completely unfamiliar environment? This was the harsh reality of 60 million humans world wide in 2015 alone. In the same year, nearly 70,000 refugees found asylum in the United States, most from Burma and Iran. Out of that 70,000,  close to 3,500 found settlement in Pennsylvania.  526 of those 3,500 (the majority of which were of Ukrainian and Russian decent) settled in the city of Erie, Pa.

Every aspect of American culture can be extremely shocking to new citizens. Through this project, young journalists explore exactly what these individuals and their families go through and how vast cultural differences can potentially enrich the lives of current American citizens. We hope to enlighten current Americans on these issues by telling the stories of new Americans, illustrating their hardships and success stories.


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